• Eric Florac was born in France during difficult times which were between two wars, in the most renowned vineyards region the "bordelais". He was born in the city of Bordeaux.

    In 1947 my father who was the bank manager of a French bank got transferred to Casablanca Morocco. There I spent my teenage years and experienced my first sexual experiences until January 1957. In April of the same year I was drafted by the French Army and was sent again to Africa in Algeria in order to enjoy the beauty of parachuting under the command of the General Bigeard.
    After my discharge at the end of 1957 I went back to France and stayed in Paris for about one year. In 1961 I decided to go to Canada where I will stay until August 1974. After a lot of adventures and work of all kinds I ended up in Guadeloupe where I was going to meet a beautiful lady who eventually became my 4th wife.
    We had 2 children and I adopted the 2 very young ones she already had when I married her. We go back to France and spend 5 years there.

    We move lock, stock and barrel to Victoria, British Columbia Canada where our last girl was born.
    In 1987 we all moved to Merida in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
    And again that incredible desire of travelling is taking me to China where I marry my fifth and last wife.
    After a three quarters of a century life I choose to park my car so to speak and decide to write; not my memoirs, but in order to avoid all the dull and uninteresting moments of my life; the exciting ones and especially my travelling experiences all over the world.

  • The reasons why I decided to write my biography are numerous.
    Having had a life full of a lot of incredible situations I thought it would be worth while to write a book for anyone interested in adventures of all kinds, travelling etc…

    My numerous adventures wether they were sexual, love, in war or in peace or even professional ones will fascinate the readers because they are so many of so many kinds. I am certain the readers will also laugh a lot when reading some of the crazy things I did.
    The purpose of this book is to entertain the readers in more ways than one. Some will laugh a lot, some will be fascinated by the adventures, some also will be moved by situations involving wars and special operations as a mercenary. In general I tried to be humorous in many instances in order to be a pleasant reading for any reader.
    The chapter dedicated to the Algerian war is absolutely true and written according to my special experiences which have been dangerous many times but also very human too.

    I have never been a racist and I have never discriminated anyone. I was a soldier and my job was to stop, punish and sometimes kill he who had committed heinous crimes like rapes, tortures and killing in gruesome ways.
    My story will take you to various parts of the world sometimes close to the end of civilization. You will go from the flour business I was involved in to the business of precious stones and in between to a couple of mercenary jobs in the Congo and Rhodesia.
    My book is for everybody and for everyone interested in travelling around the world. Some of you will be interested in the encounters I had with very well known people. Others will also enjoy reading about my sexual happenings or mishaps…..at times.
    Some of you will have the desire to experience some of the things I have lived in three quarters of a century of my life and still experiencing but at a very slower rate.
    The only thing I regret is not to have another three quarter of a century ahead of me to carry on with the same life I have had as of today.

  • Unbelievable

    Such incredible situations cannot be made up.....when can we expect the rest of them?

    My Dream !

    if I was going to change my life for another one it is yours that i would choose full of situations which create this constant movement of our presence in this world

    Romantic ?

    Romanticism and violence, laughter and emotion= the recipe of an unforgettable moment when sharing Eric’s life


    from funny situations to emotion, thanks Eric for not having waited longer to share your adventures.


    A job which changes one’ life into a dream thanks to the extensive travelling taking us to the end of the world, always ready to discover the unknown. Thanks Eric for sharing all this.

    Coffee ?

    a rest from the weapons noise and again ready to go emerald hunting....so many adventures lived by proxy reading your book!!!!Thanks Eric

  • If you also wish to share these sometimes torrid moments, passion sometimes (sometimes steamy and passionate), discover the life in it is unexpected, then feel free to immerse yourself in live now, which if summed up the philosophy of Eric!

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